Argument is a generative musical composition written for Soundscaping, an exhibition of audio works written for eight speakers, curated by Justyna Ataman, Amy Pickles and Krysia Kordecki, at SWG3 Glasgow.

Written in Javascript and Max/MSP, the composition controls 8 chiming sample banks, which converse, occasionally talking at cross-purposes and infuriating one another. The piece was played on eight separate speakers.

The original piece was recorded into eight individual tracks, each associated with a separate speaker stack.

There was a 3D simulation of Argument here before, which relied on the Unity WebPlayer plugin. That plugin seems to be deprecated now, so I'm working on a new simulation using the javascript Audio API. Until that's ready, it's really tricky to replicate a 3d audio piece in 2d space! Please enjoy this gamelan song that I'm very fond of instead: Tjatrik on Youtube