Alex Tobin

Freelance artist / web developer / committee member of Yuck 'n Yum collective. .

I make cross-disciplinary work with a strong focus on experimentation and collaboration. I often work with animation, software programming, music, film, the internet, and performance.

You can look at some of my projects below (click on them to see more information), and my CV is here.

Selected projects:

Website design

You can commission me to make a website for you.

Floating Market

A solo exhibition and book at Summerhall.

Syndicate 6: I/o

A collaborative performance with Christina Chalmers.

Discordant Presence in the Table

A short film for NEoN Festival.

Birds Nest Soup

A short animated film.

On Floating Bodies

A promo video for Conquering Animal Sound.

What's the Feedback?

A music video for ANAKANAK.


A generative musical piece for eight speakers.

Mono no Aware no Aware

Randomised visuals for Conquering Animal Sound's live shows.


A collaborative performance with Sybren Renema.


A music video & remix for Conquering Animal Sound.

Sky People

A solo exhibition at Superclub.


Curation of an international group exhibition at the Briggait.

My Boat

A reactive musical installation for children.

Korean Ghost from Nose

A series of works at Embassy's 2010 graduate exhibition.


Visuals for Superclub's live events.


An unconventional remixing program.